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What is the fee structure?

There are fee that meet every budget.  Our services range from as good as FREE all the way up to $1499 for a flat fee service and full service can be as much as 1.5 percent.  For more details please check out the seller's section and as always if you should have any questions please email or call us.


Is the fee paid up front or after closing?

The flat fee services are paid upfront.  The rebates are paid at closing and if you use the full service program there is a deposit that is credited against the fee that is collected at closing.


What services are included?

Each service is different, please review the seller program comparison chart


What services are optional?

Really, there are no options, everything is included based upon the program you want and the services you chose.


Does the discount agent provide all of the real estate forms and paperwork?

Yes - pick this program and all of the forms are right there for you. Additionally, if you would like an agent to review them with you, that is possible too.

Will the property be placed in the MLS?

In the FREE program - No - it will only be placed in the USA List For Less website.  Every other program the answer is absolutely YES and in most cases within a few hours of you signing up!

Will the discount real estate agent be sharing the commission with cooperative agents?

That is your choice.  You select the commission, how much and to whom you want to pay it.  Many of our homes pay absolutely NO Commission at all.

Who will handle the showings?

We can handle setting up the showings for you and even showing your home if you like.  Just select the service that is right for you based upon the services you want and your budget.


Who will handle the contract preparation?

Again, it is your choice.  You can, USA List For Less can or if you have a buyer's agent invovled with your sale they can.  It is up to you.


Who will handle the contract negotiation?

You are in always control.  If you want USA List For Less involved in the negotiations we can be or if this is not a service that you wnat to pay for you can simply handle this detail on your own and just contact us if you need support or get stuck.


Who will handle arranging the home inspections?

Normally, the buyer arranges this job and pays for it once they have confirmed the date and time with you.

Who will handle inspection negotiations?

You do, unless you hirer USA List For Less to do so.


Who will handle management of the transaction until settlement?

USA List For Less has a servie to do this for you.  The process of getting a home to closing has many hurtles.  None of them are very high or challenging but if you miss one the entire race may be lost.  So, some times it is better to spend a little bit of extra money to let a professional guide you through the maze.  Many time an experienced professional will see the problem coming even before it arises and be able to correct it before it becomes a problem.  That is the value of experience and USA List For Less agents.

Who will be the contact person after the sale?

Depending on the service it can be you or a List For Less agent.


How is USA List For Less different from other flat-fee listing companies?

First USA List For Less forwards all leads to the Seller. It does not matter where the lead comes from, for example, a public site such as, a sign call, the Multiple listing Service or the USA List For Less site … all leads go directly to the Seller.  Most of the USA List For Less competitors such as, advertise that you retain the right to sell on your own, but this is not entirely true. Sites like this actually assign an Agent who enters your information into the MLS. The Agents name, not yours, is then entered as the “Showing Contact” for the listing information. When Buyers see their property information on websites, buyers only have that Agent’s name to contact. Therefore, if a Buyer is not currently working with their own Agent, then they will be using the one assigned to you. Sellers always pay a selling commission with competitors … but not with USA List For Less !!!

Who does the paperwork?

If the purchaser for your home is represented by a buyer’s agent, then it is the buyer’s agent’s job to provide you with a complete Contract of Sale and all necessary paperwork.  Do not forget that you are paying that Agent a commission to help complete the process.  If your Buyer is not represented by an Agent, then USA List For Less can draw a Complete Contract of Sale with necessary addendums.   Additionally, even if the buyer is represented by an agent and you also want someone one your side, USA List For Less can handle those details for you also. Remember we are here to serve you.

Why should I list with USA List For Less over other companies?

SAVINGS !!!!  Our concept gives you, the seller, a unique opportunity to use the traditional tools of Real Estate, like the MLS without having to use a traditional Real Estate Agent. Our Sellers are in control of making decisions that relate to their home, while knowing that professional support is only a phone call away. USA List For Less is not a, “list you and leave you,” virtual company, but more specifically a full-service Brokerage, specializing in listing properties while providing support services for Sellers.

What is the catch?

Actually there is no catch … the reason USA List For Less has generated such an outstanding reputation is due to the fact that we deliver such a great product while providing the buyer and seller the service that they want.  Additionally, basis of our growth has been referrals.  In addition to word-of-mouth advertising, USA List For Less revenue is generated by volume.  Simply put, we have designed a model that the public has demanded and no one wanted to provide.  By continuing to save Sellers thousands of dollars on listing commissions, USA List For Less has expanded and is able to offer additional support services.

If there’s no catch, then you must take the leads?

If a potential Buyer contacts our office, USA List For Less will provide your name and number to the Buyer so they can speak with you directly. Additionally USA List For Less  will forward those leads to you by email.  All you have to do is follow up with them.  It is that simple.

What does it really cost me ???

Actually you can list your home with us for FREE … Of course for more service our base product is only $299.   There is also a charge of $18 for any changes to the MLS listing once it is entered.  For example if you want to change the price.   If you have a buyer without an agent you can sell your home for FREE or just $299.  If there is an agent, you can pre-determine exactly how much commission you want to offer that agent for brining you the buyer.

I’ve been told there is a lot of paperwork - Is that true?

Yes there is … a normal contract can be as many as 40 to 50 pages.  No question about it contracts become bigger and more complicated every year and that is why USA List For Less is here.  We have the paperwork you need and the services available to walk you through the process.  So do not sweat the small stuff USA List For Less has you covered.

What is the process for listing my property - Is it complicated?

No – it is very easy!  Our online listing process is very simple. You just register on our website then … and we will send you’re your Log In information.  Then you simple walk through the process … super easy.  And if you get stuck we can help walk you through it … no problem!  Once you are complete USA List For Less will have your home on the market with in hours (or we can delay placing your home on the market, it is up to you!)

How important are photos?

Photos are critical!  Most traditional Brokerages are now requiring that their Agents post at least 5 photos when entering a listing into the MLS or their corporate site.   You may post as many as 30 photos with USA List For Less.

Can I put up my own “For-Sale-By-Owner,” Sign?

Actually, Maryland State Law governed by the Real Estate Commission is very specific and the rules are strictly enforced; So, you must use the USA List For Less sign that we provide to you within the service that you select. In the commission’s view, you are no longer a “For-Sale-By-Owner” after retaining the services of USA List For Less. You may, place signs as long as it states USA List For Less  on it.  One big benefit of our sign is that the USA List For Less web site is predominantly displayed and buyers today are actively viewing homes on the web before they take the time to set up an appointment, so along with your address, contact numbers and email address photos of you home and specific details will help buyers determine that your home is the home for them!


How do Buyers contact me?

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

USA List For Less will place your name and number in the Showing Contact section of the Metropolitan Information System or MLS. Therefore, agents will bypass USA List For Less and contact you directly to schedule an appointment or address questions.   You may also chose to select one of our services that take advantage of a showing service so that you do not have to bother with setting up appointments.  This is an exclusive USA List For Less service.

From over 100 Internet Websites

All public internet sites, such as, and are owned and operated by REALTORS®. Therefore, they do not allow seller contact information.  If they did, REALTORS® would be out of business.  If a Buyer sees your property information online, they will email or call our office and USA List For Less will then forward the call to you via email or for an extra fee a phone call.

From a Yard Sign

All yard sign calls are immediately forwarded to you with the buyer’s name, phone number, email address, and when they would like to see you home.  All you have to do is confirm the appointment.  Again for a small extra fee  a USA List For Less agent will even meet buyers at you home and show the property for you. and all corresponding State and other feeding Sites

Our website offers direct access for Buyers to search property listings within the entire country … if they contact us about your home the lead will be automatically forwarded directly to you.


Do I need a lock box? 

It is a very good idea.  It gives you the ability to have agents show your home and you do not have to be there.   USA List For Less will provide you a lock box with just about everyone of their programs.


Why is the MLS important and what is it?

The MLS or Multiple Listing Service (MRIS) is the electronic inventory of properties that are listed for sale by real estate agents.  There are over 53,000 Real Estate Agents in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area alone and they all have access to this database.   In other words, when you list your home with USA List For Less you will put 53,000 agents to work trying to sell your home.


What is the difference between an appraised value and the market value?

A comparative market analysis or evaluation is an informal estimate of the market value performed by a real estate agent. It is based on the sales of similar homes in the area and generally offers a range of values, including probable market value.  Where as an Appraised Value is the opinion of a property’s market value, based on a licensed appraiser’s experience and analysis of the property.

Who are the essential people in a real estate transaction?

Apart from the Buyer and the Seller, the essential players are typically the listing agent, the buying agent, lenders, home inspectors, appraisers and attorneys or title people.


How important is Curb Appeal?

The word critical comes to mind when asked about Curb Appeal.  The first impression is everything.   If the home does not show right from outside  many buyers will not go into the property – period.  The last thing you want is to turn off a potential buyer before he or she walks in the door. So, make sure the house is painted, and call a landscaper to get your lawn in tip-top shape. Even small, inexpensive potted flowers can make your home seem more inviting.


I hear Good and Bad things about selling with a property with the service of a discount Broker company - What can I expect?

Determining Price

The first thing is to come up with an accurate value for your home, meaning the highest price a ready, willing and able buyer will pay. To make this decision, you should consider other properties in your area and what they have sold for. Make sure your property is in line with other properties. The right price should attract buyers, allow you to earn the most possible money and help you sell as quickly as possible. Remember, the seller may set the price, but the buyer sets the value.


Signage, open houses and newspaper ads are one marketing direction. However, with alternative options to traditional real estate, many FSBO’s are jumping at the chance to save on paying high commissions while also gaining access to the MLS. The MLS is a database of homes used by over 53,000 Realtors and Brokers. (In addition to the MLS, USA List For Less clients all benefit from 100 real estate public websites like,, and many more great sites.

Showing My Property

Showings are super easy.  With our showing service and lock box all you have to do is let us know when your home can be shown and that’s all there is to it!  Showing appointments may also be scheduled through the Seller. Think of creating a warm atmosphere when potential buyers are visiting. Remember to let in as much light as possible. Remove all unnecessary items from your rooms, keep fresh towels in the bathroom and consider using candles or an air freshener. You may opt for classical or soft jazz background music. But most important, remember to keep all pets in a separate room or preferably out of the home.


If an agent represents the buyer, then it is the Agent’s responsibility to present the seller with a Contract of Sale. It is customary to reply with an answer of acceptance, rejection or negotiate the terms of the contract within 24 hours. If the buyer is not represented by an agent, then both the buyer and seller need to have an outside party, such as USA List For Less or an attorney, draw a Contract of Sale.

Who is the to Help me if i get stuck?

Real estate attorneys are always an option when questions may arise during the negotiations of sale. Keep in mind, another option may be to consult with a for-sale-by-owner specialist. USA List For Less has advised hundreds of satisfied FSBO’s over the years with concrete guidance and peace-of-mind.

Who pays the Real Estate Commission - the Buyer or the Seller?

It has been traditional practice that both buyers’ and sellers’ agents are compensated by the seller. Nevertheless, a buyers’ agent may accept payment from both the sellers and the buyers, as long as a full disclosure is made to all parties involved.

What is … And for more terms please go to Glossary of Terms

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM Loan)

An ARM Loan has an initial interest rate that is often lower than a conventional fixed-rate mortgage. This initial rate is usually locked in for one or more years. Once the initial term is over, the interest rate on an ARM loan may go up within specified limits over predetermined intervals during the course of the loan. The lower initial interest rate associated with an ARM loan translates to a lower initial monthly payment. The tradeoff, however, is the potential for a higher payment if interest rates go up as the ARM loan progresses. 

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The APR for your home loan is an annual calculation that includes the interest rate quoted by your mortgage company plus additional home loan costs, such as origination fees and points. The important thing to keep in mind about your loan's APR, is that it will be higher than advertised interest rates because of these additional factors. 

Closing Costs

With each real estate transaction, there are many expenses to pay and agencies to compensate. These fees, which are often shared by the buyer and the seller, are referred to as the closing costs. When you buy a home, the closing costs might include loan origination fees, escrow payments, title insurance, attorney fees and even discount points paid to lower your loan's interest rate. 


During the home loan process, a neutral third party known as Escrow holds documents and money (including earnest money deposits) for safekeeping until the real estate transaction is complete. An Escrow account is also used once you complete your home loan to hold the property tax and insurance monies that are collected with each mortgage payment. 

Fixed-Rate Mortgage 

A conventional fixed-rate mortgage means that your interest rate will be the same for the entire life of the home loan. Financing for this type of loan is typically spread out over 10, 15, 20, or 30 years, depending on the needs and payment capability of the buyer. A fixed-rate mortgage provides buyers with the security of knowing exactly what their monthly house payment will be during the entire loan term. 

Loan to Value Ratio (LVR)

When you buy a home, this term refers to the amount of financing you are getting in relationship to your new home's value. For example, an $80,000 mortgage on a $100,000 home has an LVR of 80 percent. This is important because an LVR of more than 80 percent will require you to purchase private mortgage insurance (PMI). Using the same example to illustrate this point, if you finance $90,000 of your $100,000 home, your LVR will be 90 percent, initiating the need for PMI.


Home mortgage interest rates vary from day to day. While you buy a home and secure financing, you may decide to lock in a particular interest rate with your lender. This lock-in guarantees that your home loan will be processed with this rate, even if interest rates rise before your loan closes. 


There are two types of points that can be applied to a home mortgage. Discount points are used to reduce the loan's interest rate and origination points may be added to cover the expenses associated with processing a loan. One point equals one percent of the loan amount. This means that, to lower your interest rate by one point on a $300,000 mortgage, you'll need to pay an additional $3,000 at closing. 

Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

When you finance more than 80 percent of your new home's value, your lender will require you to purchase PMI. This protects the lender against loss if you default on your home loan. Your monthly PMI payment is added to the cost of your mortgage payment. It is important to note that when you have accumulated 20 percent equity in your home, you will want to check into canceling your PMI to lower your monthly mortgage payment. 

Title Insurance

A home mortgage requirement, title insurance protects both the buyer and the seller against legal defects in a home's title. This policy ensures that a property owner has the legal right to transfer a home's title to the seller. If a problem occurs, the title company pays the associated legal fees to correct the situation.



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